Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dee's Baby Shower!

This past Sunday my mom and I went to a surprise baby shower for a friend from work. I thought since we were going to a baby shower I would make up really cute cupcakes to bring along in my cupcake tree. This is what I created!

I did a combination of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with light pink icing.

Congratulations to Deanna! I can't wait to meet your little girl:)


8th Anniversary!

Well I have just recently made cupcakes for Two Scrapbook Friends for their 8th anniversary and had a blast doing so. I had to make a total of 110 cupcakes for the function that they had and this is what I created!

I tried out a new cupcake recipe and it worked great! The cupcakes were PERFECT!!:)

I created cupcake picks that I put in the top of the cupcake and the icing matched the colour of the object on the pick.

I made two different styles of cupcakes for the function that Two Scrapbook Friends was having.

I put each cupcake in an individual bag with a tag with my blog address on it to finish it up!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

just a teaspoon or just ate a spoon?

One night while I was packaging up some up my cupcakes I noticed that on the tag I made my blog address read something different then I wanted it to. The original plan was that my blog was called just a TEASPOON. But my mom and I noticed that my blog address also say just ate a spoon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


My name is Amanda Wolff and I am 18 years old. I am currently finishing up highschool and then I am wanting to go to school to become a pastry chef. I have always love to bake things like cupcake and cake but in the past year my passion for it has changed dramatically. This past summer I took two courses to learn how to decorate cakes and cupcakes properly. I am currently making cupcakes for events that Two Scrapbook Friends is running and for some family events. I will be posting images of any of the creations that I make! Hope you enjoy!